CES 2011

Spectron amplifiers were demonstrated in Gallo Acoustic Room at Consumer Electronics Show, 2011 January 7-10, at the Venetian Towers Hotel, Room #29-332.


CES 2009

Spectron amplifiers were demonstrated at T.H.E. Alexis Park Hotel, Room 2009 as well as at CES, Venetian Hotel, Gallo Acoustics Room #29-332.

Spectron/Audio Analyses Room was declared "BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW" CES 2009 , Las Vegas NV - The Absolute Sound, Issue April/May 2009, p. 52

Read about the event @ www.cesweb.org


RMAF 2008
Spectron Musician III SE Mk2 monoblock amplifiers will be presented in two showrooms at Rocky Mountain Audiofest, Oct 10-12. 2008: at the Marriott Tower - Level 9 ~ 9007 & Marriott Tower - Level 10 ~ 10006


CES 2008
Spectron Musician III amplifier Signature Edition was presented  in Gallo Acoustic Room at Consumer Electronics Show,  2008 January 7-10, at the Venetian Hotel, Room 34-31

As shown

Spectron Musician III Special Edition shown with Gallo Acoustic flagship, The Reference 5LS loudspeaker ($17,995) at CES 2008


NSCA- 2007
Spectron Audio, completely involved in both audiophile and professional audio, is one of very few companies that develop their own class D proprietary modules, digital and analog! A year ago, John Ulrick's designs won a contact with pro audio giant Inter-m (among others in competition were Bang & Olafson and Philips) to build a highly reliable continuous output 8000 watt compact digital amplifier. John successfully demonstrated a prototype of the first stage of this unique amplifier at the NSCA (National Sound Contructor Association) meeting in Orlando Fl , in March of 2007. The highly innovative design includes very high level power factor corrected switching power supplies using the latest PFC conversion technology and resonant mode DC:DC converters. Thus, Spectron has found one its major strengths to be the cross-pollenization of audiophile and professional audio designs. The design shown at this professional meeting will revolutionize audiophile sound reproduction



Musician III inside

Musician III is Spectron's top of the line class-D stereo amplifier. It has the sonic performance and power to satisfy everyone.


Premiere combines multi channel home theater capability with audiophile sound quality. It uses the same amplifier technology as the renowned Musician.